Wehea Dayak People

Good to know

Oct–Mar: Wet season

April–Sep: Dry season makes travelling easier. Clearest water for diving in Derawan where you could go after trekking in Wehea Forest.

You can find more informations on Lonely Planet

Getting around by air

Most major cities can be reached from Jakarta or Surabaya. Pontianak connects with Kuching (Malaysia), while Balikpapan has direct flights to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. There are no direct flights from Europe or the Americas to Kalimantan.

The esiest way to reach us is to fly from Balikpapan to Berau.


Getting there by car from

Berau to NehasLiah Bing (5 hours)

Travel from Berau to Muara Wahau by shared taxi (300,000 rph) or charter car (1,400,000 rph).

Please note that all prices listed here are rough estimates. Actual prices will vary by driver/travel company operator, as well as your negotiating skills. 

Most drivers from the bigger cities will not know “Nehas Liah Bing” but they will know Selabing or “Wahau” (the district in which Nehas Liah Bing is found) – ask to go to the “Kantor Pos Muara Wahau” (Muara Wahau post office). Drive past the post office (an orange and black building on the right-hand side of the road) and take the next right turn (onto a dirt road). Continue down that road and take the first left turn. Drive approximately 200m until you see a big raised wooden building on the left; this is the office to which you need to report.


From Balikpapan to Nehas Liah Bing by car (1-2 days travel time)

Travel from the Balikpapan airport to Samarinda by taxi (350,000 rph per car) or by Kangaroo bus (150,000 rph per person).
Alternative: travel from Balikpapan or Samarinda to Muara Wahau by chartered car (2,000,000 to 4,000,000 rph).


How to get there?
  • The nearest ATMs that accept international debit or credit cards are in Sangatta and Berau. You will need to bring enough Indonesian cash to Nehas Liah Bing in order to pay trekking package.
  • All stores/shops/markets in Nehas Liah Bing, and the Muara Wahau district, including the office of the Lembaga Adat Wehea, only accept cash.
  • The Wehean people (including forest and office staff) speak very little English, although they are keen to learn, as well as to help you improve your Indonesia,  get translation app on your smartphone that will work offline)!
  • In the forest, there is very limited electricity (from solar panels) and it is shared by many people. Charge your electronics before you come, bring spare batteries, and only use the solar power if you really need it.
  • There is no phone signal or internet in the forest. You will not be able to contact the outside world until you are back to the village/city after your visit to Wehea Protected Forest.
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